About My Book

I began this book many years ago and I am thrilled that I’ve finally had the courage to set it free into the world.
Its difficult for me to promote this book at all as it is truly based on the events of my own life even though it is written as a fictional piece. It lays bare every event and decision I’ve ever made to the entire world and that is quite a scary thing for me to do.
Since I’m not an author, I’m a little terrified about how it will be received or if anyone will even care enough to read it.
The events contained within will seem a little far fetched and I’m certain it may upset a number of people but I have decided to be brave and simply let it go.
I was instructed many years ago to write all of this down and give it away to others…so that is what I have done. That was all that was ever asked of me, so in this way, I have already accomplished my work here.
If I am lucky enough to ever have the chance to do so, I have other missions to accomplish later on down the line but we’ll see how things go.
I hope anyone who reads my book finds themselves with lots of food for thought at the very least.
Please feel free to drop me a line or write me a review as I would love to hear the thoughts of anyone who wishes to share.
Thank you for reading,