Living in the real world…

Hi Guys,

I’m finally back from my holidays and I would love to say the weather was great but sadly it was kind of a wet affair!

I’m a little busy right now as I’m filling in for a receptionist for a couple of weeks at a local firm. I’ll be here until next weekend so I probably won’t get a great deal of time to blog sadly…

It’s really frustrating that I have a ‘real’ life to lead and that it is the most ‘unreal’ part of my existence. It’s also ironic that it keeps me from doing what is truly ‘real’ in my life… However, my body needs to eat and pay bills, so work I shall 🙂

I’ve decided to write a third book at some point soon, when time permits about the actual communication method I used to connect with the universe once again, from the time I hit 21 years of age. I’ve realised recently, in the light of some of the correspondence I’ve been receiving, that this is probably the best way I can put my life experiences to good use. It is difficult for people to truly understand the concept of a one-to-one communication with God /the universe / whatever you wish to call it. I thought it may be helpful to describe exactly what I did and the pitfalls that can occur along the way, as many others have done before me.

In some respects, it is the work I have been leading up to for the entire year. The only reason I released my story first was because it was in fact already written and it gave me a gentle introduction into the world of being an author as well as all that entails. I now know how to put a book together, publish it expeditiously and create a matching audio book. I’ve even trained my tech guy in the process lol.

My entire ethos has never been to show people the way and have them follow me. I have always known that the only way to truly awaken is from the seeking and searching of the individual who is walking a path that is truly unique to themselves. I can’t really do much other than inspire that process by sharing what I’ve done personally. No one can be handed the truth on a silver platter. It just doesn’t work that way.

So, I’m away to answer some more phones before I get replaced with a different temp lol. It’s going to be a bit hit and miss for the next month or so as I’m away for a couple of coming weekends to enjoy what’s left of summer before I head for my cruise to Norway on 9th September.

I promise not to disappear completely though 🙂

Have a great weekend people.

Speak to you all soon,

ME x

Lets Get A Little Trippy Tonight

It always strikes me as strange, how often I look around me at all the different so-called ‘spiritual’ thoughts out there in the world and feel as if the entire planet is insane!

I know this must sound a little rich coming from me, given the stuff I come out with. However, for me, my reality and philosophy is really simple, logical and obvious. I guess the truth is always obvious once you can see it lol.

Early on in my path I was thought to think things through. It was something that was stressed over and over again, that the truth was always pretty obvious if you simply thought about it. Never let it be said that the universe does not have a sense of humour! Quite often, you can see the fun being had with us on a regular basis lol.

The truth is all around us but we don’t actually hear it, don’t think about it or assimilate it.

We are ONE…

What else can this mean but…there is only ONE of us… and that ONE is incarnated into every living being here.

I hear you saying ‘Oh yes, but just because we are all the same universal spirit, that does not mean that you are ME!’

Really…? What else does ONE mean???

This is just a daft example of what I mean.

In the bible, we are told that ‘GOD is everywhere and IN ALL THINGS!’

Somehow people hear this and think it means everywhere… except me…

Bloody hell. People can be so dense… so daft.

OK…so we are all ONE (yes, the same one) and if God is everywhere then that must mean that WE are it…wouldn’t you say?

See what I mean…really simple when you stop and think about it.

OK…so In the beginning was GOD (yes that ONE we mentioned before that we all are)…and before God ..was God… umm…what?

So logically speaking…God was Here since before the beginning…and the only way he could have been…is if he is always here…and is simply going around and around in circles…like the snake that eats its own tail.

God…is all of us (He’s keeping it secret from himself so he can experience these lives) and when he finally wakes himself up… he will repeat again from step A…ad infinitum.

Why??? I have no idea… you tell me as your guess is as good as mine. It’s fun I guess!

There… now we are all enlightened lol.

You don’t believe me yet do you. It’s a bit too much…a bit too big to believe.

Don’t worry, you will know it’s true soon enough.

Nite nite

ME x

Free Book This week!

Hi guys 🙂

I’ve had some amazing feedback from my book so far. Its lovely to hear that people are enjoying it. It is nice to finally be getting some feedback after all these months lol.

I’ve placed my kindle version of this book on Amazon for free until Friday so if you want to grab one you can read it before my next part of the story is released on 1st August.

I find it really hard to know how to market my story as it is not exactly a biography, nor is it fiction thought it is written as fiction. It’s not a twin flame story, it is my story, though it may as well be as it fits so easily. It is not a spiritual path to enlightenment story, though it may as well be as it fits there too. It could be a ghost story as my main character is a ghost… for a time at least lol. Fundamentally, it is also a love story… such a dilemma for me. There are also so many different subsections I could enter it into on Amazon! I have placed it in different ones at different times but there is nowhere that is perfect.

I’m spending about ten hours in the studio this week recording the audio version of book two and the same again next week, so if it seems I’m absent from my blog quite a lot right now, you should understand why that is 🙂

I should have the recording finished in a couple of weeks and be ready for the longest part of the process which is finally getting it through the long and arduous process of getting Amazon to accept it! As I found out recently, it takes forever to get it through the many hurdles they set in the editing process.

After that I am all done and I can blog and write to my heart’s content. It is difficult to find the time to do this right now, unless a post demands to be written, as is sometimes the case.

Speak to you all again soon, have a great day 🙂


ME xxx

One Day… I Will Be Good

We spend much of our lives in the mistaken belief that one day we will change…One day we will be good. We will be the people we always intended to be…but for today, it is a little too difficult…a little too stressful. We don’t have time…We simply can’t control how things are. We don’t have the money…

Being good is far from easy. Being good takes effort and determination and honesty. There will never come a day when that changes. Being good will not simply become something we just are.

We spend much of my life under many of these misconceptions.


  • One day I will get around to learning how to control my temper; I will be kind to others. There is no such thing as a person who finds it easy to control their temper. We all struggle and it is always difficult… but we manage it because we care enough to put the effort in and be nice to others.


  • One day I will listen to the better angels of my nature rather than the demons. I will only say to others what I wish to hear them saying to me. I will be positive, encouraging and show love instead of pulling them down every chance I get because it makes me feel inadequate when they achieve things I cannot.


  • One day I will recycle. One more day of not being bothered to go all the way into the cupboard in order to place this piece of plastic in that box is not going to make any difference to the planet really is it?


  • One day I will take exercise and eat properly. I will stop abusing myself with yo-yo diets that leave me overeating and in a worse state than I was before. I will be kind to myself.


  • One day I will stop caring what people and my family think of me and simply be myself regardless of what they say.


  • One day I will stand up for the truth and stop listening to my fears…


  • One day I will live as if forever is much more important than a single life…


  • One day I will give my life to others instead of worrying only about my own needs.


  • One day I will see the news of people being killed and brutally murdered and I will let myself feel the pain instead of switching it off as uninteresting. I will realise that they are real human beings and it is not a movie. That real people are being abused on our planet every day, dying of hunger every day… But I’ll feel better because I liked it or commented on Facebook!


  • One day I will stop looking for God and realise that he was never hiding from me.


Being good is difficult. Being true to yourself will never be easy. It takes courage and conviction. It takes dedication. It means standing alone on a planet of ignorance and thinking for yourself, disregarding your fearful thoughts and doing what is right regardless of the consequences.

You are God. You are your own judge. You know when what you are doing is right or wrong.

If you were asked to judge yourself today as in impartial observer…what kind of person do you think you would see yourself as?

This post is not meant to be a ‘happy happy joy joy’ post. It is not meant to make you feel better about yourself. It is meant to wake you up to yourself.

Until you are able to do the above you will never be happy.

You must find a way to be the person you demand of yourself, the person your conscience wishes you to be. Only then can you truly see who you are and not be afraid when the face you see shinning back at you in the mirror turns out to be God.

Have a ‘good’ ONE people.


ME x

Release Of My New Book ‘Dancing Forever Aflame’

It’s been a very busy week for me and yet quite eventful 😊

Just last night I sent my paperback for publication on Amazon, a month earlier than planned. It was fiddly and stressful but I finally finished it and sent it all over today once and for all. I’m just waiting for word that it’s been accepted and placed on sale.

I’ve also uploaded my finished kindle book and have kept the publication date as 1st August. It is available for pre-sale now but Amazon will not release it until August.

I’m so happy that all the written part is over as I’m back in the studio on Friday next week to begin the recording of the audio book for book two. My tech guy Mark, is quite looking forward to it as he was enjoying listening to the story as we recorded it, having never read the book. He refused to let me tell him anything that happens in book two so that he could hear it as we tape lol.

I will let you all know when Audible finally release the audio of book one and you need to let me know what you all think of it…

In the meantime, I am having to actually work for real right now, to earn some money to pay bills and stuff so my time is a little less my own at the moment. I’d really love to be blogging everyday but I don’t have the time or the energy… I’ve even been thinking about setting up some talks in my local area at some point to discuss my journey with others but I think I’m placing that on the back burner for a while as my life is still a bit chaotic right now. Perhaps we could do something online with Live streaming at some point? We shall see…

I will revisit the idea after the audio book is finally recorded and my life starts to go back to normal a bit.

If any of you fancy doing a book review on my either or both of my books, feel free to get in touch 😊

Let’s hope the weather improves a little soon as I’m away for a short and well-deserved break next week lol. Take care guys!


Gillian x

My First Electric Car Experience

Well so much for having more time! I’ve been rushed off my feet recently with various matters going on in my life. Firstly, I made the decision to go back into self-employment a few weeks ago as the jobs market where I live in the North East of England is so bad its practically none existent. I was speaking to a lady yesterday who told me she had received 750 applicants for eight jobs paying minimum wage, just working in a café!

Employers are no longer looking for reasons to employ you, they are looking for reasons to discard your application as they are receiving so many they can’t cope or really work out who is worth speaking to. This also means that they can cherry pick only those who’s last position is the exact same one they are seeking to fill. In this way, we have moved somewhat backwards to the times where you started in one line of work and were unable to try anything else for the whole of your life. I really don’t think this is a good step but hey ho. I’m not sticking around to swim in those waters. I can make far more in a day just working for myself then those jobs pay in a week.

The main source of preoccupation in my life right now is Larry 😊

Larry is my new shiny black Nissan Leaf and I have simply fallen in love with him lol.

I decided some years ago that I wanted to get an electric car. I simply didn’t have the cash to afford one. Larry is about 4.5 years old and has his own battery. I’ve spent the last week learning how to use all his little gimmicks and settings. It’s been a huge learning experience and a big eye opener into a brand-new world.

My entire family gave me the same reaction when I told them I’d bought him – How the hell can you afford that? They asked me. I take a deep breathe at this point and begin explaining that my monthly payment to the car finance, as well as my tax and insurance only amount to an extra £60 per month on what I was paying for my fully owned clapped out 2003 Peugeot 206 on a monthly basis, but I’m more or less driving a brand-new car with every kind of feature you can think of. The reason for this is the amount I usually spend on petrol and tax for the normal petrol style of car. All of those costs are completely removed from the equation. On top of this, I have a greater level of freedom since I can now take far more trips on a monthly basis than I would ever normally allow myself as our budget for fuel was so tight we could scarcely afford to. I never managed to stick within my fuel budget before but now I have a definite and quantifiable amount of money allocated each month that I can depend on no matter how much I drive.

There is one issue I have to deal with on the negative side and that is longer distance driving. This requires a much greater level of planning and good time management, not to mention a plan of the charging stops on route but I think it’s kind of cool that you get to meet other users who are always happy to have a chat while you fill up. Best of all you can find a fast charge point which can give you 80% of your battery recharge in just 30 mins. I have about 3 fast charge points in my immediate vicinity and they are all free ones so I’m happy as Larry right now lol.

I don’t think I will ever go back to petrol unless I really have to. I think the silent, relaxing drive of the electric car is perfect for destressing. It feels really huge, as if I’m driving a tank on the inside too which is great and quite a change from the 206 I had previously.

Getting back to my actual reason for this blog for a moment… I’ve still heard nothing from Amazon regarding my audio book and its now been over three weeks. They really are quite slow when it comes to what was in reality, just 3 tiny revisions. However… still we wait. I think I will quit if they come back with yet more requests for revisions. I felt one or more of their last requests were a little anal to be honest. I’ve started looking at Author republic or at worst, I’m simply going to release it for free and stick it up on the web. I’m done waiting for Audible to give me their blessing after this.

In the meantime, I now have my new cover for the next book as I told you all recently. I’m not sure how I feel about going back into a studio to record the audio for it again as it’s all been quite a hassle getting the first one sorted! For now, I’m going to just leave it until I feel inclined to get back to it.

I’m hoping Amazon will get in touch this week but who knows anything with them anymore! I’ll let you all know when I find out. In the meantime, I hope you are all happy and enjoying the sun. I will speak to you all again soon,


ME x

Why Should We Face Up To Our Fears?

There is always something we keep hidden, something we fear to bring in to the light.

There is a reason that sages tell us to confront our fears. More often than not it is to protect us from our true worst enemy…

The mind.

The mind is far more fearsome than any fear could ever be. It takes the things we are afraid of and it shrouds them in ‘what if’ –  It tells us of all the possible outcomes which could come about if such things ever come to light or manifest. It fills us with dread and even greater fear at the thoughts it produces in reaction to our fears.

Generally, in my experience, things are never as bad as we fear them to be. Sometimes facing that which we fear can be the one thing which releases us in the end, from all manner of pains and sorrow.

Such outcomes are usually nothing close to that which the mind predicts as it rubs its hands together in glee at our captivity, for it is in these fears that we are held prisoner, enslaved and in terror.

Releasing our fears, facing up to them and bringing them about is usually far more conducive to moving forward and being happy once more than any other alternative.

Worry is the result of thoughts surrounding ‘what if.’ Worry leads to stress and stress and panic can lead to the manifestation of all that we fear.

It is better to simply permit oneself to face what could potentially come about and look upon it in a positive light, realising that every outcome has both positive and negative effects. In this way, we can permit ourselves to believe that actually, everything will work out for the best and in the way, it was meant to. In this way, we can bring ourselves peace and in the end, we will be in a better place to deal with whatever outcome manifests as a result of whatever it is we fear in the first place. It’s a win – win.

I faced one of my fears today and it permitted me the first shred of create energy I’ve had in months.

Hopefully you will all see a bit more of me now 🙂

Have a good one guys,

ME xxx