We Are ONE – What Does It Really Mean?

Many people speak to the fact that we are all ONE, but what does that really mean?

Are we ONE spiritual well from which an abundance of souls are created?

Are we one single soul which inhabits all life forms on this planet and beyond?

Are we simply ONE in spirit, united in our goals for this universe?

No one really seems to know precisely.

I am not going to give you anything more than my own answer. How you answer this question is entirely up to you.

On the day I truly began to become Awake or Enlightened, I was reabsorbed by the universal conscious for a very brief time.

I was taken out of my mind through a strange hidden door which I perceived to be down a hidden hall way within my mind, at the end of which stood a door. On our journey to this door I was told to follow HIM and not to look back under any circumstances. I did as I was told and kept moving forward.

Once I passed through this door I came out into a place of vast, stunning blue sky. I was in a complete state of shock for a while and simply said ‘Wow, where has this been hiding?’

From that point onwards I began to watch as someone hit the play button on the whole film reel of earths Time from the very beginning. I simply watched it all unfold before me. I did not watch with a feeling of disconnection…these were my memories, our universes memories.

When I awoke the next morning, the first thing I said was ‘Fuck, I was Christ! There is no way I’m letting them crucify me again this time.’

I spent the next several weeks in a place of bliss, speaking to strangers as if I knew them and driving my (then) husband crazy with teachings as I was not quite myself at that time as I am today. I was a little more than the ‘me’ I currently reside in. I was ME (which is how we describe it).

What I understood was this… All of the above statements are correct.   

Are we ONE spiritual well from which an abundance of souls are created? YES. That is where we all come from.

Are we one single soul which inhabits all life forms on this planet and beyond? Yes, how could it be otherwise? If we are all lives that are lived by the same spirit or soul then that makes ME all of us… me, you, her and him. Everyone around you is all the same spirit or soul….incarnated at different times of the path.

Are we simply ONE in spirit, united in our goals for this universe? We are yes and should always remember that what makes me happy, makes ME happy. If you harm me, then you are harming ME (and that means you too).

Confused? I hope not as I’m trying to break this down for you.

Look at it this way…

Imagine you are a single solitary soul and you are all alone in this universe which you have created within your own mind to play in… but there is only you here and no one else to play with.

Now imagine time is different where you reside to the time in your mentally created reality… For instance, you can go in and out as often as you like and no time will have passed in your own state. So you can go and experience infinite lives in your play world and each time you come out, no time will have moved in your true reality…

I basically created a world and a bit like Bill and Ted… I have the ability to go back and forward in time because to me it is a static. I can do this as often as I wish and inhabit as many lives as I wish… none of those lives would ever know that the person they are talking to is simply ME when I came in here last lol. I hide my true identity from myself while I am residing in a body.

So…to state it simply again… Every life that exists is being run by the ONE we call GOD and every life is GOD…sleeping or in a state of ignorance regarding HIS true identity.

HE makes himself forget that he is God and then he takes HIMSELF through all of the various lives until he finally remembers who HE is. Then HE is exactly who HE has always been… HE is still GOD! HE simply has a shit load of bodies to play with after that…

During the golden age that’s kind of what HE does… HE plays around in HIS true state for a while until HE gets tired again and then HE resets time back to the start again and places HIMSELF back into sleep state…and time begins again from the beginning in exactly the same way that it did the time before.

This is how we exist FOREVER.  

Make of this what you will. It may make more sense in a few years from now when everything kicks off lol.

Bye for now!


He’s Awake! Why Won’t He Give Me The Answers?

I haven’t felt inclined to blog in a couple of weeks. Partially because my actual life has been quite busy and partially because I really felt like I needed a break after the last few months’ worth of writing of my recent book.

I’ve scrolled through Facebook on a regular basis during my absence and time and time again I see people’s frustration at the responses they receive from those who are already ‘awake’. I came across a post by a fellow seeker who was expressing their discontent at having been told ‘It’s all an illusion’ in response to a question he had posed, from another who professed to be ‘awake’. Apparently this was vague and unhelpful and he was tired of being given such responses in reply to his questions. I thought perhaps I could address this issue as I can see both sides of it.

When you are seeking (and I remember those days quite well) there is a feeling of desperation at times that comes with the path, a feeling that there is no one who will simply give you the answers you need in order to understand. I used to yearn for the companionship of those who saw what I did but at that time the internet did not exist. I always felt very alone.

I am going to let you in on a little secret today… and it is this:

All the thinking, all the walking and all the striving have nothing to do with your Awakening. That is out of your hands ultimately (as is everything in all honesty). You awaken when the universe wills it to be so and until then, everything is simply preparation. We don’t sit our children down at thirteen with a copy of their GCSE exams and say ‘There you go…go take the test’. No, we teach them all the information required for them to gain true understanding of the realities contained within and finally we examine them to see if they’ve retained and grasped it all.

I can quite literally tell you the secrets of the universe right now…. Umm let’s see.

You are all God.

This place is an illusion.

You are dreaming.

We are about to wake up and finally get to the best part of all and the reason for all this horrible crap!

Umm…. We’ve done all this before and will do it all again, forever…

Shall I keep going?

Are you awake yet?

No… you can read all of these words but until you ‘know’ them to be true… they will remain just words with no truth in them that helps you in the slightest.

Those who are ‘awake’ know all of this and we get tired of banging our heads against the brick wall of ignorance and scepticism. We love you and we would do anything we could to hasten your path through the mire of illusion… but we can’t do that and even if we could, it is not in your best interests. You will awaken when your time comes and until then… this is your path and you must walk it alone, but with some support at least, which is more than I had!  

All I ask is this…in the meantime, try and have a little compassion for those who truly are awake and who spend their time trying to assist you at no benefit to themselves… be kind. You may not always appreciate their position but you can at least value their intentions and contribution to your learning.

Happy trails!  

True Spiritual Awareness

I’ve given a lot of thought to defining the concept of ‘spiritual awareness’ and today I want to share them with you.

Spiritual awareness is any experience or awareness beyond the game within which we find ourselves.

To that end let me explain in this way.

We are spirit… ‘BEING’ a body.

In this way we are a human ‘BEING’.

Nothing in the real world, has any relation to the spiritual one beyond this reality. You cannot understand the spiritual realities by way of anything within the physical ‘illusionary’ world within which you find yourself. Your mind is part of the physical realm and therefore it is not possible to ever truly understand the spiritual world by way of its logic.

We are all Spirit. We can either reside in spirit, running our body from the external vantage point, or we perceive ourselves to be the body we live within and thus we are a human ‘BEING’.

A spiritual or Divine ‘BEING’ cannot be recognised by their outer shell or Avatar. They are not recognisable by how much they smile, or how they dress or how they spend their days, or if they swear or drink or take drugs. Likewise they cannot be recognised by what they apparently do in their lives. Simply because people spend their lives dressed like Priests or Rabbi’s or Holy men, does not naturally equate to spiritual or divine ‘BEING’. If you judge others by these means you are still as blind as someone with no spiritual awareness whatsoever.

Just because someone is a bricklayer or a fish monger or an unemployed person, does not mean they could not be the most spiritually enlightened ‘BEING’ you have ever met.

You cannot know. There is no way to know…until you are ONE of them. At that stage, you will see all of them and they will see you.

You see, they are no longer contained by the game.

Once we reach a certain stage in our spiritual evolution, we are capable of stepping out of the bounds of the human ‘BEING’ reality and into that of a spiritual ‘BEING’ one. This does not mean that we drop our bodies all together, it simply means we understand the lives that we are running and their part in the grand scheme of things. We can choose when we wish to simply observe our lives from the outside perspective and therefore understand more of what is truly taking place, and when we wish to remain in residence, so to speak.

At this point in time, these spiritual ‘BEINGS’ are capable of doing mostly anything they wish within our illusionary reality. They can cause their lives. They can create reality with their thoughts and affect the lives of those around them. For the most part, they won’t do this as it goes against the rules of our group game here. They would not reveal themselves to you so you could never know them for what or where they are. They will not destroy your illusion as they would never do that to you. If you are asleep, it is because you still wish to be. This is one of the most fundamental and important rules that spiritual ‘BEINGS’ live by.

They will allow you to Awaken in your own time and then grin at you in amusement when you arrive. In my case I am generally met with a chorus of ‘Took you long enough.’ Lol.

Getting On The Path

I had quite a revelation today… I realised that I am actually a writer .

Whenever I’m hurt or experience pain in my life I seek to find a way to deal with it in some constructive manner that I can grow from. Whenever I come up against a problem I will hit the proverbial books until I find a way to learn my way out of it. Everything is a learning experience for me, fundamentally anyway.

All of the above tends to lead me to one place, time after time. I always end up wanting to write it down and pass it on to others. There is no better way to turn my lemons into lemonade and make the pain feel somehow worthwhile in some way.

There are so many people on our planet who have never yet set foot on their path. This makes me sadder than anything else. We cannot evolve or grow until we do. Entire lifetimes can be wasted because people fail to understand why they are here and they do not listen to those who try to help them to.

When we were born, we were all shown to a large pretty place and told that we had to spend every day there (metaphorically speaking). Throughout each day we are surrounded by story books, and numerous teachers who really want to teach us all manner of academic subjects so that we can begin to grow and develop and more importantly, evolve.

The people around us who realise that the place we reside in is a school, will immediately begin to avail ourselves of the teachers and textbooks around us. We will absorb knowledge at a fast pace and begin to use that knowledge to grow and tackle life’s challenges and pitfalls. We will find our path and walk it…

Those of us who feel that they were simply a product of accidental existence, destined for nothing more than simple death at the end of our lifetimes will see no reason to do anything while we are at school. They will surround ourselves with the story books and wonder why the others are wasting their time with mathematics, chemistry and philosophy as there are so many fun books to read which require little in the way of effort. These people will have wasted an entire lifetime of growth and spiritual evolution. The same evolution that makes those on the path better able to handle the challenges and problems that come along in life. Those on this path have learnt to conduct themselves in certain ways which will not lead inevitably to pain. Their own evolved understanding leads to different behaviours which lead to different outcomes.

I suppose what I am saying is this. Ultimately we are all responsible for our own choices and therefore we are all (to a certain extent) responsible for the life within which we now find ourselves.

One last point of note…

It is never too late in any lifetime to change. You are never too old to choose growth and learning.

It is never too late to decide to open your mind and be someone different.

We choose who we are and we can choose at any time, to be someone different.

You can put down the story books, stop blaming everyone else for the life that you’re living and you can go pick up a text book or take a lecture in philosophy.

If a certain situation keeps occurring to you… there is a lesson you are not learning. It will not stop occurring until you see what the lesson is and pass the test!

I wish you all straight A’s today.

Excerpt From My Book – Walking a spiritual Path (Do we need a guru?)

Normal people living normal lives on our planet must see spirituality as something that is attainable in some way which fits in with their regular life, because it is. It is a mind-set, not a set of actions. It is a quest…and inner attitude towards the goal of Awakening.

We do not need a Guru,  we do not need a Healer, a Therapist, a Crystal Chakra Cleansing, Aura Commenting, Hypnotherapist to regress you to past lives! Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply trying to take advantage of your lack of understanding… I am the biggest sceptic on two legs. I don’t believe in any of that stuff and I’m Enlightened!

I don’t believe in Crystals (I almost failed my Beauty Course because I refused to spend time revising them, when I could have been studying Anatomy and Physiology, I almost made a formal complaint due to the Examining Bodies lack of professionalism in making us study something so unscientific).

I don’t believe in Reiki – I think the individual lying on the table heals themselves by the power of their mind by way of their own belief that the dude with their hands hovering over the top of them is actually providing them a real service. The power of belief is one of the greatest powers we have as human beings through it remains largely undiscovered at this time.

I don’t believe in regression or hypnotherapy – I can’t be hypnotised so it’s hard to have any faith in something that only makes me laugh. My memories come back as and when they choose to. I have no power or control over them. Nothing I do or do not do has any effect on that process.

I think all of the above things are simply a way of turning people’s desire for enlightenment into another form of capitalism. Then I hear so-called Spiritual Masters telling me its fine to become wealthy from all of this. That is utter bull. It’s different if someone has more money than God and wants to reward a person for assisting them in some way, but taking money from people with little, in the name of spirituality, leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially when they are the ones that have to do all the work!

The self – genuinely seeking, questioning, reading, thinking… is the only thing that brings true gain and understanding. Ask yourself the big questions. Get your mind curious and engaged and confused, then set it away in the challenge of trying to find the answers and watch and see what an ingenious piece of kit you have on your hands, as it spends the rest of your life dutifully looking and searching, like a dog with a bone, unable to stop until it knows what the hell is going on. That is what being on a path is truly about and all that is truly required. The rest of the shit mentioned above is just decoration on the road… serving you very little and sometimes distracting you from your journey more than anything else.

If you think that you are not enough and that your answers will not be as good as anyone else’s then you are asking to be robbed and led down blind alleys. Go right ahead. Your own common sense knows all of this but if you feel inclined, give all the so-called Spiritual Masters your money and they will happily take it all the way to the bank for you. Hell, if you’re really in need of one…I know one that’s struggling to make ends meet right now and has no time at all to work as she’s busy trying to save the world! Give me a shout and I’ll send you a paypal/me link. It will save you time looking (joking of course).

This excerpt was taken from my book (Unification – Saving Humanity & Creating Utopia)…Hope you enjoyed 🙂

This Christmas – Place your life under the tree!

It is time for us to finally disown our planet… and our very lives, if we wish to begin to evolve beyond our childish mentality towards one another.

Since it is Christmas I thought I would share with you some appropriate home truths…

People often speak about the illusion of ownership. I think it is hard for most people to understand what that truly means.

I am not simply speaking of the illusion of collecting items which cannot be taken with you when you die. I mean everything you have and everything you are… it is not yours alone.

Your possessions, your very life, indeed even your very thoughts are not yours alone. They belong to everyone (in the grand scheme of things).

Have you never noticed how we are not capable of unique thought?

For every person on our planet who has a unique idea and makes it successful, a handful of other people have had the very same thought at the very same time even if they simply failed to create something from it or did not try at all?

It is a little like the parable the Jesus spoke of regarding the seeds falling on different grounds… the thoughts we receive do not originate from our own minds. They are not ours. They flow to us and we perceive them to be our own. We assume ownership for them and assume them to be ours, to do with as we want to. In reality that is true, but it is not the true purpose for the thoughts we receive.

We are a singular entity who has incarnated into every life that exists here. We are a single life force or energy if you will, who currently resides in every life form alive on earth. The separation we perceive from one another is only perceivable within our own minds, while we are incarnated. It is an illusion, created to allow us to experience ‘other’ which is not something we can perceive when we are not alive in a body.

To this end… we all evolve together here. We all grow together, or that was meant to be the plan anyway…

A thought is sent out to one of us and is digested and understood after much development and study. Very quickly the others will grow as a result of that one life having that one thought. We are all meant to benefit from and grow because of those thoughts. They must be brought to light and shared. In this way our race evolves.


Yesterday I could not adorn anything with icing until I went online and read an article written by someone who understands all about icing cookies… On my fist try I was able to cover my cookies with icing like a pro! This was all down to someone else sharing their hard earned knowledge with me. I am now sharing my knowledge with you in the hope that it will help you understand something you do not currently know. I am helping you learn something quickly without the need for you to study it for yourself.

Our thoughts come from the infinite BEING that resides within our bodies. They are provided so that we may all grow.

Now, back to my original point…

We have come here to love our-self.

You are everything you see and everyone you meet.

Your thoughts are to benefit ME – YOU – ALL.

Our minds are connected in ways you do not currently understand. One day you will when the right time comes but for now simply try to see the point…

We must begin to look after each other and out planet. We are wasting our resources and our spending our lives feeling alone and disconnected. This is not the truth. You are never alone.

You have everything you see… it is all yours.

You are loved by every person around you and the divine resides within you, whether you go to a church, believe in God, whether you are on Santa’s naughty or nice list… there are no exceptions to this point. You are LOVED.

Just love ALL of yourself to the best of your ability – and you will start to perceive God all around you. I promise.

I wish you all a peaceful and joyful holiday season.


The True Reason Why A Twin Flame May Run Away…

I’ve been slowly becoming aware this year, that the process of a twin partner running away could have a reason beyond them simply being afraid or overwhelmed…

For seven years now my husband (sorry, I still can’t get with the program regarding calling him my twin lol) has gone away. He never said goodbye…he never claimed not to love me. He never told me to get over him and leave him alone…. Actually, he’s never ever said anything of the kind…. he simply hasn’t said…anything.

This has had the effect of forcing me to rely on nothing more than our internal communication for every kind of contact with him, from emotional to verbal… to everything else a relationship normally enjoys lol.

We all acknowledge frequently that the twin pairs are telepathic with one another among other things. They can communicate in thoughts, feelings and touch so what I’m suggesting is really quite logical. After all, if one of your senses is removed from you in your daily life, you tend to rely on the remaining senses much more; so much more that they become heightened and develop to a far greater extent.

Before my husband disappeared on me, we had one final conversation. I remember his discussing almost in passing, the fact that I was ‘there’ now and would probably never ever quit on him now, no matter what he did. Seemingly satisfied with that conclusion, he never spoke to me again lol.

It seems quite obvious really that the purpose for his disappearing on me was to force us to develop internally. It took me until the start of this year to forgive him for ‘leaving me’ as I saw it. Since January I have opened up internally to him once again and we have had a fairly constant internal relationship. He has given me his usual instructions in that manner too (I’ve pretty much ignored them mostly until recently, as I didn’t agree with them for the most part). However, he normally always gets his own way eventually lol.

He is still refusing all efforts by me to get him to speak and I’m usually pretty good but to no avail this time. He is completely behind a brick wall and he is refusing to come out.

I suppose I’m sharing this with you all in the hope that it gives you a different perspective on the negative aspect of the twin running away thing… There is a positive to every negative and perhaps this one is worth the suffering. The ability to communicate with your twin in this manner is a skill that will be more than necessary later on in the work to come. It is also the first and most vital part of union.

If you cannot merge and become one when required you will eternally suffer their loss whenever they are not with you and that feeling can be seriously debilitating. On top of this, the ability to merge means that you are a much stronger and more powerful being both together and independently of each other.

It is also a vital component of spiritual enlightenment. I won’t go into this one too deeply right now, but ultimately, we all have to take our masks off and return to our true self at some point… being able to merge is a vital part of that process (though I did all of this the wrong way around lol).

I have my final session in the studio today (I hope) and then I can finally put book two to bed just in time for my cruise to Norway 😉

Speak to you all later on,

ME xxx